Small donation, big impact. Pledge to give monthly. image

Small donation, big impact. Pledge to give monthly.

Help children in your community today


Give monthly, and help children in your community.

Will you consider becoming a monthly donor to the CAPC to help us change lives and strengthen our community?

Trauma, homelessness, foster care system, bad parenting, low poverty level, these are just some of the challenges that the kids in our community face every day.

The Child Abuse Prevention Council relies on the generosity of people like you who are willing to join the CAPC in being that "turning point" for families who have struggled in the past.

We can't do this work without YOU!

We need your help to improve lives today, and give hope to families for a better tomorrow.

We invite you to join us in changing our community one child at a time.

A small gift each month is the most convenient and effective way to help vulnerable kids and their communities. Your gifts will be carefully assigned wherever they're needed the most, meeting the crucial needs of today and the ever-changing needs of tomorrow.

Reasons to give monthly:

  1. It's a great way to budget your gift
  2. It helps the Child Abuse Prevention Council reach their strategic goals. We can plan better when we know that donors will be there to help us help the families in our county.
  3. You will be confident that you play a big part in helping to strengthen local families and prevent child abuse.
  4. Monthly Partner Newsletter, learn what project are happening at the CAPC and hear heartfelt stories about how your donation in helping make a difference to the children of our community.

Your monthly gift, combined with other monthly gifts will make a huge difference to families and children in need. It means they will have a safe childcare, food, early education, and the support to succeed.

We are truly grateful for your support.